Softube Amps pseudonyms, fake or vague names are listed in alphabetically order. The real names are displayed in bold letters.

Amp Room

  • Brown = 1966 Fender Twin Reverb combo with a 2x12” cabinet
  • Green = Vox AC30/6 Treble with a pair of Celestion Blue speakers
  • White = Marshall JCM800 2203 with a 1960A 4x12” cabinet

Bass Amp Room

  • Amplifier = Hiwatt DR103
  • 8x10” Cabinet = Ampeg  8x10” SVT810
  • 4x12” Cabinet = unspecified
  • 1x12” Cabinet = Celestion 20W/15ohm
  • Mic = Sennheiser MD421

Metal Amp Room

  • Amplifier = ENGL Powerball (or ENGL Powerball/JCM800 “hybrid”)
  • Black Cabinet = Marshall 4x12
  • Metal Cabinet = Engl E 412 V 4x12


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